Monday, 30 March 2015

healthy food for lunches

healthy food for lunches                                                 
.cherry tomatoes                                                       
.baby carrots and chopped cucumber with hummus
.sliced cupsucum
.celery with low fat cream cheese or peanut butter
.banana and apple cut up in yoghurt
.strawberries and blueberries
.pineapple chunks
.whole fruit-pears apple stonefruit    
.sushi with avocado and cream cheese
.homemade pizza slice with mushroom,cupsucum,onion                                    and spinach

look at 5+aday for more healthy food ideas.  


  1. Hi Marshall.
    This is very good it is all healthy and why did you not add brussel-sprouts!!?? Oh well do you anyway like all this stuff? It is all good for you? Did you know that nothing is bad for you it's just how much you have? that is a very good fact! One other thing not everybody likes avacado ;-) well you must like it.

  2. i like your sertifiket how you are a kiwi wiz it's cool i think you blog is awsome

  3. I really like how you are keeping fit and i see that you like to eat healthy food so that it can help you stay fit it is really cool

  4. i like your blog and what i think is you need to put a background and your blog is really fabilouse


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