Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Winter aventure

I was walking through a winter path in my jacket. Then I turn left and walk in in this abandoned  house I look for any living movement I see a rat. I chase it around the house and then a sinkhole uppers out of no where and I fall down it then I pass out for 9 hours when I wake up I’m in my bed well that's what I thought then I try to get out then i tack of the blankets and i was taped on to the bed and it started to move I was going fast like 10 miles a hour. Then it rattled really slow and the I see some saws about to kill me then I move and the saw cuts the tape open I hope up then I ducked just in time before it cuts my neck then flames started shooting out of the walls. I took of my jacket and then I said to myself “at least I'm not cold any more”. Then it stops I hope of it then I look around and then I see a diamond in the middle of a room on a cylinder I go to get it then right when I touch it turns out to be a monster I get out my gas gun and I put on a gas mask and then I spray the gas and then the monster passes out then I get a knife and kill it then I get back on the bed and I rush back to the top and carry on the walk.  

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