Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Camp reflection 2016

Screenshot 2016-04-12 at 12.17.37 PM.pngOn camp we went to see the wildlife center and got to see some of our native birds the kiwi and got a kiwi ranger booklet that we had to fill out it was fun to do. I learnt a lot of cool stuff like I thought there was only one type of species of kiwi but there are a lot more than I thought. There was a model of the glacier whenever you touch it the screen will go to that destination it was really awesome.There was a computer-ish thing that if you move the mouse it will do a really cool life cycle of snow turning into a  block of ice then melting.

After that we went on a track at night to see some Glowworms and they were so close to us that all the time I was stomping all over them! To be honest they don't actually look anything like worms at all! A bit later Rachael (my mum)  told us a very funny poem and it made us laugh for nearly the rest of the way of the walk and it went a bit like this when you're a glowworm you can never be glum when the sun is always coming out your bum!

Then the next day we got all geared up for a long and freezing cold walk because we were heading to Fox Glacier. There was a sign saying ‘No stopping for 400 meters’ everyone did not listen apart from the teachers I think? 405 meters later we finally made it but you could only see a tiny part of it but it was cool because I had never seen a glacier! Everyone still down the big hill looked like ants! We also found the toilet and there with a little sink to wash your hands and I was the first to try it and after that I was telling everyone to not use it because it was colder than the temperature!

Then we went geocaching and I think it was everyone's first time and the first hunt for the clue was easy then me and Isaiah ran to where we were going and the most weirdest thing happened after we got told of we ran again and I found it and but I thought it was drugs! Then I put it back so we were all confused until Emma or Mackenzie found it then Emma told us all about how I thought it was drugs and I also explained how and why I thought it and all I said was police ten 7! What is actually it was another clue that we had to find!

Then the final day we went for a drive to see a bit more of the glacier and then we went to Lake Matherson and surprisingly we saw a couple getting their wedding photos on the jetty. A few people went down to the jetty and had a look at the reflection in the water or having a chat to their friends or group buddies but I stayed up and trying to see if I can see the reflection that the sign said. The clouds got in the way but that was still ok though. I had the best camp though and it was really awesome.
My favorite thing would be the glacier because it was my first time seeing one it was really awesome! And I wish I could go back to Fox Glacier.

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