Friday, 20 May 2016

T2W3 Reflection


Here is my level for decimals which we have been learning this past week.This was fun and it was hard work.


For literacy we have been  doing some more Charlotte's web we had to describe or favorite character my favorite was Charlotte.    


Here is a banqer update on my account. My goal is to get to $2,500 in my savings and $500 in my
expenses. I didn't spend any of my money but next week am going to spend some money on a cushion. 


For reading we are learning how to start a sentence with different ways.
Here is the sentence starter menu and the sentences I have done.

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  1. Hi Marshall, well done for your DLO's this week. It is great to see you finishing and publishing your set tasks. You have some very interesting sentences (remember your full stops)!


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