Friday, 1 July 2016

W9 Reflections


Yesterday we had prep witch all the classes make things and sells them but not for real money. We have 9 days to get ready for two markets one was on Friday and the other one was on Thursday. My group made bottle banks and we sold them 15 kawa witch is the name of the money this year. Prep happens every year for two weeks and it involves a lot of work and sometimes maths.

There are jobs inside the class and outside there are six jobs in class the CEO, the secretary, treasurer, production manager and worker. The other jobs are Wherehouees, police, helper and banker. 


For Numeracy I have been doing a spreed sheet to see what the price to take care of a animal for its life time I chose a German shepherd witch is a dog . 

                                 SORRY NO PICTURE 


For literacy I have been writing a speech for next term my speech is about Ashburton were my gran and granddad and two of my aunties live.

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  1. hey marsh I really liked your prep thing and that you put the photo of our group. I also liked your numeracy thing and it is funny that you just wrote "Sorry no picture". I really liked your writing about ashburton. It was really good From Dylan


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