Friday, 19 August 2016

Book Week 2016 T3W4

Book Character Day 

Today was book character every on was dressed up as there favorite book character I dressed up as Batman. There were lots of people dressed up like Bruce Lee, Rugby players and animals. The teachers dressed up like Harry Poter characters which was very funny because all the students were late.

Golden ticket 

Every day this week there is Golden Ticket to be found which everyone looks for but is always been found before morning tea. Its been found on a chair and on Mrs Costello's back which would of been a hassle for Mrs Costello because everyone was surrounding her to get it.

Wacky Thursday

Wacky Wednesday was very wacky because it was on a Thursday but everyone was still wacky. Some people was wearing there clothes backwards and some people had color stuff in their hair or their hair was all spiked up or the boys hair were in a pony-tail and much much more wacky stuff. 

Door Display 

Our door display is is based on the book BFG by Roald Dahl It looks so awesome (Well that's what we think) It has a table with dreams and potions which looks awesome. M2 did a willy wonka them also from Roald Dahl. They had a oomph loomph with candy in a basket and fake golden tickets and lollipops.

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  1. Kia roa Marshall. Great book week reflection I loved book week I wish we could have it again this year but it's sad that we only have it once a year. This is very cool but you could add more detail about the door display. What did you dress up to last year? All aside Great blog post Jayden.


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