Friday, 16 September 2016

Big day out

This Thursday was not like all the rest it was the big day out and I was lucky because year sixes don't normally get to do what we did oh yeah the first thing we did was watched Pete's dragon. it was a very sad movie because Spoiler alert he was four and his parents did in a crash and he was the only one who survived then he almost died again because of some wolfs but then he found the dragon and the wolf ran away. Then someone named Gavin tried to kill the dragon named Elliot six years after but he stopped because he save is brother and his wife life. 

Then after the movie we went to the recreation center and we play basket ball, football and more. My friend Levi was the only won to score the goals. I found it very fun and funny.

Lastly we went to the pool and had free time so I went on the hydra-slide and raced Levi. After the swimming pool I got to go in the school van and some other people did as well and everyone else had to walk back to school! then I went home and went to bed.

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