Friday, 18 November 2016

Reflections T4W6 Literacy

This week for writing this week I had to write about the large earthquake that happened on Monday. here is the first paragraph that I wrote. 

At first I thought it was a small earthquake then everything started swinging and roaring. I went to see if Mum and Igor was okay but when I was walking out my door Igor nearly gave me a heart attack while the house was shaking but by the time
liam woke up and said sluggishly “is this a earthquake?”
but Igor replied “it will be okay,”  but I was thinking why couldn't you say it was then say it was going to be okay? Mum came out of bed and came into the hallway I gave her hug and

igor whispered “**** this must of done some damage somewhere!”. But there was two things I was surprised about was only two photos swung in the hallway and that declyn had slept through it until it stopped which definitely surprised me. After it passed Igor and I went on geonet it was in Cheviot but luckily it was only a farm place but it was a severe earthquake!

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